Creative. At the forefront. DLM.

DLM Project is a clothing brand based in Florence, Italy. Our story was born in 2017 from the experience of founder Marco De Lellis. The declared objective is to produce high fashion clothing to satisfy the tastes and preferences of a transversal public: men and women looking for original proposals, unconventional, stirring the emotions without submitting to the excesses of the runway. DLM wants to embody the quality of its individualized creations, the careful selection of raw materials, the attention to detail, and naturally the search for solutions that can anticipate the times. All of this originating from a manufacturing tradition firmly rooted in the local region, a long-standing yet current tradition. Because fashion is not just about dressing, but about rethinking the world from an unprecedented point of view. Yours.

DLM as are my initials: De Lellis Marco

The DLM Project is me, Marco De Lellis, an entrepreneur with years of experience in the field of fashion. Passionate about design and art, I began working as a freelance designer distributing my personal collection in various stores around the world, from New York to Florence. In 2005 I opened a shop with my wife in the historic center of Florence, offering prestigious garments made by some of the most established brands in the national and international scene. Following on from this, in 2017 I decided to launch a new adventure, the creation of an innovative fashion brand, inspired by avant-garde style, countercurrent by nature. The challenge has begun: experience it with me.


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